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After a successful temperature monitoring trial with our four local businesses, and some great feedback, our Altoview software and hardware has been fast tracked thanks to the help of the Queensland Government’s Ignite Ideas Fund.

Ingite Ideas Fund was set up to help small businesses to commercialise market ready innovative ideas. Through the fund’s help Altoview will soon be ready to compete in a global market.

With a boost to support our plans to test and implement commercialisation, Altoview is quickly heading towards our bigger Phase 2 Trial with some great local and state clients across Queensland.

Thanks to our current Phase 1 Trial we have been able to tailor and optimise our software to suit the hospitality, health and commercial sectors for monitoring, recording and reporting of the temperature of hot and cold foods as well as cold goods in storage.

Just some of the great benefits of the using smart sensors to monitor your appliances are:

  • Quality control
  • Reducing costs
  • Continuous and reliable monitoring
  • Automated Notifications, and
  • Improving Food Safety Culture

For more information, or to get involved - please get in contact today!
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