Reliable Monitoring Solutions for Safe and Sustainable Mining

David Hammond, Business Development Manager, and Jordan Williams, Application Engineer, recently attended the Internationial Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne, where Campbell Scientific Australia co-exhibited with Marcom Watson.

With an application focus on safe and sustainable mining, we displayed a unique, first of a kind system developed by systems integrator Marcom Watson using a Campbell Scientific lightning warning and meteorological monitoring system.

Marcom Watson have fully integrated control and environmental monitoring within their two-way radio communication tracking systems. This allows an extensive range of measurable quantities to be monitored and distributed to all workers in the field in real time on their portable radios, including warnings of a potential hazardous nature.

The software and communications interface includes geo-fencing capabilities, enabling clients to easily configure safe zones for their workers or exclusion zones where hazardous activities are being performed.

Combining the systems and capabilities of Campbell Scientific Australia and Marcom Watson has resulted in a unique delivery platform that is powerful, scalable and flexible, giving clients customised solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Applications for this unique environmental monitoring system within a two-way radio communication tracking system include, but are not limited to:

  • meteorological and air quality monitoring for mine site blasting operations
  • meteorological monitoring for hazardous machinery operations (e.g. wind speed warnings for crane operations)
  • wave height monitoring for ship lifting operations at port and
  • lightning warning systems for workplace health and safety to minimise operational downtime.

Other solutions we offer:

  • Weather Monitoring and Lightning Warning for Workplace Health and Safety
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • TDR Systems
  • Dam Monitoring
  • Air and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Mine Closure Planning


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