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AM16/32 Multiplexer with thermocouples and other sensors Uri 5
No data to read with a well working setup - PC200W/CR10X/K-thermocouple Ada 13
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Reading frequency on a cr800 garryl 0
Wind Direction from Serial Thies sensor TimoRoth 9
External & internal data storage Jamal 3
Measure water conductivity in microsiemens John Butnor 4
CR1000 Terminal Emulator MatthewLeak 7
Reading data from a Modbus/RS485 sensor using CR800 and MD485 Italo 3
Random instruction problem GAG 3
Show us your script. Makada 1
using split string to break apart parens-delimited data string cedgar 2
is there a template program for a CR800 with an ISCO 6712 and Sontek IQ and rain gauge? looking to do stormwater monitoring. Robert Sheridan 4
Nortek Aquadopp Profiler NMEA readings heiko 10
Public file LGS 6
Sending and receiving binary data including null bytes jonny 2
Cr 1000 resets, but does not allow program to continue uninterrupted. HKing 6
Integrating Raspberry Pi Camera Module bbolton2 1
Rainrate mm/h Makada 5
Powering the CR9000X with two CR9052IEPE modules and 12 channels in use for fieldwork Ema2017 1
Naming problem with "TableFile" instruction eddy-covariance Chakir 3
Dataloggers, ports and probes marlon.calispa 1
Camara CCFC-R2 CBO 0
Transmisión de Video CCFC a través de RF CBO 3
Timestamp personnal format in Datatable Otemohu 2