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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
CSI Web Server HTTPS setup mwassmer 9
FTP repeated headers in the data XxVashxX 6
CR300 & ModBus RTU 485 Sensor Nicolas 3
NetworkTimeProtocol to synchronize datalogger Benjamin.vial 6
CR6 SFTP francesco.sabatini 0
CallTable position Makada 3
SMSSend Dams 4
Transmit data from CR1000 to computer using Xbee JimmyXu 3
ACPower Instruction in CR6 doesnt measure current XxVashxX 0
Upgrade SO to CS655 w/o A200 smile 2
CR300-CELL215 network operator locked julien55 3
RS232 - RS485 Cable & Pinout Modbus Nicolas 1
CHG Terminal Measurment Nicolas 8
CR1000X - Error Codes XMPG 2
CR300 with WXT536 Rabah DJEDJIG 2
Enable and disable 8 ports of the SDM-CD16 device, SDMCD16Mask instruction. Enripsc 2
Reading data from Modbus RTU device (Kamstrup Multical 603) with CR6 logger ipantev 0
CR1000X Datalogger - Reading from SD Card for FTP Streaming Shreeshant 4
AM16/32 Multiplexer with thermocouples and other sensors ?. jackyjoy123 1
dropbox sync to-ya farm 1
Additional Pulse Counters BertSP 6
BMP5DIRECTSDK incl. Python? Makada 2
CR300 Webserver ryan42 2
Connecting to CR1000 logger bweeding 1
TMAS T61-EHS5 3G modem / Gateway rmorris 1
Issue of connecting AM16/32B to CR23X Anil_89 2
AC current sensor compatibility CR800 + AM 16/32 Benjamin.vial 3
Change TIMESTAMP in data table outputs MAQS017 1
Cr10x losing connection embayweather 1
Connect Young 05103 wind sensor to Cr1000 fmr2007 3