Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is leading to real-time Flood Warning Analysis


In collaboration with our local James Cook University in Townsville, the KTP Grant allowed us to employ a recent university graduate, Dane Lennon, to help develop an Altoview Smart Flood Warning System.

With the first phase complete (developing a Smart Rain Guage) earlier this year, Dane’s second project - an Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor is about to head out for it’s first round of trials. The sensors will be strategically placed over commonly known flood areas, including culverts, rivers and drains. This system aims to avoid the high costs associated with competing systems whilst reducing power requirements and device footprint. The smart sensor will be deployed as a self contained unit in large quantities across the community to capture water level.

As a Smart Sensor, the product provides continuous data to the cloud insuring local councils and other organisations can make real-time analysis and more informed decisions regarding community safety and legislation.

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