Campbell Scientific Australia offers comprehensive courses designed on giving professionals the “hands-on” programming and software experience they need to optimise their applications.


Field Operators Training Course - 1 Day
This course is geared toward installers and field operators of Campbell Scientific data loggers and equipment. 

  • Introduction to using Loggernet Software
  • Best practice for installation of a weather station
  • Troubleshooting techniques and maintenance procedures for site visits

Programming & Software Training Course - 2 Days
This course is suitable for all users of Campbell Scientific data loggers. Beginners are welcome!

  • Introduction to using our software to administer, program and collect data from the new generation of data loggers
  • The basics of customising a datalogger program to suit your sensor and data storage requirements

Communications Course - 2 Days

This course is for professionals with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Campbell Scientific data loggers wanting to learn how to program and connect their data loggers to communication networks.

  • Covers cell phone modems, Ethernet networks and spread spectrum radios
  • How to connect them to the data logger
  • How to program for these devices to provide information over services such as Email, FTP and SMS.
  • Methods for connecting to and administering a data logger via Loggernet over these communications devices.
Townsville 8-12 May
Sydney 26-30 June
Melbourne 14-18 August

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