Discontinuation of the CR200X-Series Dataloggers

The CR200X retirement is proof that all good things do come to an end. However, we now offer something better—the CR300-series dataloggers!

The small, low-cost CR200(X)-series dataloggers have been very successful, serving as a foundation for thousands of data-acquisition solutions used across the globe. This series began in 2002 when we introduced the CR200, and our first dataloggers with integrated spread-spectrum radios—the CR205, CR210, and CR215. In December 2009, Campbell Scientific replaced the CR200-series dataloggers with the CR200X-series dataloggers, which expanded the memory for the program and operating system.

In developing the CR300-series dataloggers, our goal was to maintain the success of our CR200X-series dataloggers while adding customer-initiated improvements, such as:

  • Serial communication capabilities
  • Much richer CRBasic command set that is the same as the commands used in our other dataloggers
  • Faster processor
  • Onboard compiler that can handle large, complex programs

We also upgraded the radios that are integrated in some of the dataloggers. Because of these new features, Campbell Scientific is discontinuing the CR200X-series dataloggers and will cease to accept new orders after January 16, 2018.

The following table should help you transition to the new dataloggers:

Discontinued Model Replacement Models
CR200X Datalogger CR300 or CR310 (the CR310 has an integrated 10/100 Ethernet port)
CR295X Datalogger for GOES Satellite Communications CR300 or CR310
CR216X Datalogger with 2.4 GHz Spread-Spectrum Radio
  • Use a CR300 or CR310 with an RF416 radio if the datalogger will be added to a network containing CR216(X), CR215, RF416, RF432, RF415, or AVW216
  • Use a CR300-WIFI or CR310-WIFE for new 2.4Ghz applications
  • Use a CR300-RF422 for long-range (868 MHz) European applications

At Campbell Scientific, we make quality products that remain in the field many years after we stop manufacturing them. Because of our commitment to our customers, we will continue our customer support and repair services for the CR200X-series dataloggers until at least January 2028, assuming replacement parts remain available.

If you have an queries, contact us today at info@campbellsci.com.au or call us on +61 7 4401 7700.


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