From the 22nd to the 31st of March 2017, CSA hosted its third SE Asia conference and training, this time in dynamic Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The reception and effort provided by our local Malaysian distributors, Surechem Sdn Bhd and GDS Instruments, was outstanding and CSA would like to thank them for their collaboration in making this event a huge success. We were so pleased to welcome ESC Engineering (Brunei), GDS Instruments (Malaysia), PT Cerna (Philippines), PT Gistec (Indonesia), Surechem Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and Wetec (Singapore) to the conference. Overall, we had just shy of 35 attendees from 7 different countries, as Brent Randall, Structural Group Manager from CSI in Utah, USA also kindly joined us and shared his Geotechnical expertise and experience.

The event was organised in 3 phases: a catch-up training (Field Operator and Programming courses) for our new distributors or new distributor staff members, advanced training in Communications and Geotechnical applications, and 2 days of Business Development, Marketing and Strategies discussions for the region. We met many new distributor staff members and had the pleasure of seeing how well they absorbed the new knowledge, They were enthusiastic at learning the features of our dataloggers, as well as our experienced distributors gaining in product confidence and willingness to expand in new markets.

It was motivating to watch and brings hope for the future of CS products and services in the SE Asian market. The region is booming with opportunities and unexplored applications, and the sharing of knowledge between distributors and Campbell representatives can only assist in growing our presence in the region. Our distributors are now well equipped to conquer existing and new application opportunities in their respective countries and we are proud to see a community of SE Asian distributors form over the years, and not only collaborating but also forming lifelong friendships.

A special mention should be made to our US colleague Brent Randall, who delivered excellent content to showcase Campbell Scientific Geotechnical products and applications, and some hands on technical training on Geotechnical Instrumentation. With Brent’s passion, captivating delivery and funny stories, this 2-day training was the highlight of the conference for not only our distributors but for CSA members alike. Brent also delivered two talks at the Institute of Engineers Malaysia and at the Geotechnical Instrumentation Workshop/Seminar kindly organised by GDS Instruments, where it was a fantastic opportunity to meet Geotechnical enthusiasts and share new measurement technologies with them.

We shared a lot of market knowledge based on our own experience but also thanks to each distributor’s feedback. Although each country has its own potential, we identified clear opportunities in Hydromet systems (especially for flood warning systems), Geotechnical and Structural solutions primarily for safety management, an increase in renewable energy farm implementations and a general sense of the benefit of using quality research equipment and reliable data in order to improve commercial and non-commercial practices.

We look forward to sharing more successes, knowledge and good times with our SE Asian distributors for many years to come.
- Corinne Malot ( SE Asia Manager)


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