Steve Bailey

You may notice a new look and feel to this, our latest CSA newsletter. This can largely be attributed to the latest addition to our team, Nikki Hains, who is CSA’s new Marketing Coordinator. We are excited to have Nikki on board and I am certain that you will see much more of Nikki’s work in the future as she busily promotes our products and services.

Another newcomer since our last newsletter is Dane Lennon who joins our R &D team as an electronics engineer. Although Dane is a recent electronic engineering graduate from James Cook University, he has previously served in Afghanistan in the Australian Defence Force as a driver for Bushmasters and Light Armoured Vehicles.

While gaining two new employees, unfortunately, we have also lost a long standing member of the CSA family. Polo Imo has left our employ after almost 10 years of service as a repair technician. Polo has taken up a new role as pastor of one of Newcastle’s several Samoan churches. We wish Polo and his family all the best in his new career.

The first quarter of 2017 has been extremely hectic at CSA. Our training manager, Gavin Hewitt, conducted a week long training course in Brisbane in February followed by 4 days of training for our SE Asian Distributors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in March. Myself, Corrine and Kahill Mitchell also spent a week in Kuala Lumpur conducting our SE Asian Distributor’s Conference following Gavin’s training course where we enjoyed the company of new and old friends while discussing all things Campbell Scientific.

Alex Thomas and David Hammond were in the US during this same period attending the annual Campbell Scientific Integrator’s Conference where they distributed our latest Altoview offerings. Meanwhile, Florent and Natacha from our office were just wrapping up 4 weeks leave visiting family in France.

The return of several of our travelers unfortunately happened to coincide with the arrival of Cyclone Debbie and while Townsville was lucky to avoid the impact, air travel into northern Australia was in severe disarray. After a number of overnight stays and rearranged flights, our weary travelers finally made it safely back to the office – albeit a few days late. 

While areas just south of Townsville could do little but brace for the impact of Cyclone Debbie, our trusty weather stations and data loggers played a vital role in recording and transmitting data during the event. Oz Cyclone Chasers who are sponsored by CSA together with Dr David Henderson from James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station deployed several CSA weather stations along the coast in preparation for the impact. We look forward to an upcoming case study on data retrieved during this event.

Finally, our long awaited Altoview refrigeration monitoring field trial is about to begin. It is an exciting time as we launch CSA’s latest and greatest product. 

Steve Bailey

Managing Director


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