CR300 Series OS 2
Updated: 03-05-2016

  1. Modified the operating system so that negative baud rates will now generate a compile error.
  2. Fixed a low-level AC compile error that displayed the wrong port number.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused PakBus field data collection to fail.
  4. Fixed DNP3 so it will now reset the class data available flags after sending unsolicited responses and read requests.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused DNP3 overflow pending flag to clear inappropriately.
  6. Updated table write pointers so they are now stored in backup SRAM.
  7. Increased the maximum number of tables to twenty.
  8. Fixed a DMA hardware conflict between C2 (when using SDI-12) and RS232.
  9. Updated DNP3 time synchronization so it now responds more appropriately.
  10. Fixed SW12Volts to work and show correctly in the Status table.
  11. Added a delay to ClockSet() to allow hardware clock synchronization.
  12. Added the NetworkTimeProtocol() instruction.
  13. Fixed an issue with low power mode so that it works correctly with PakBus timeouts. Previously, beacon requests were sent out a port every time the device came out of low power mode.
  14. Changed DNP3 confirm flag so it is not enabled for OBJ 50. Previously, the flag was being set which caused more unnecessary delay. The confirm flag does not need to be set in order to work properly.
  15. Changed DNP3 request delay measurement to more accurately return the delay measurement time when using DNP3 function code 23.
  16. Fixed coms buffer size issue that could cause some routing packets to fail.
  17. Fixed an issue that caused the program start name to clear when a program was stopped.
  18. Updated USB power cycle program stop feature.
  19. Fixed SlowSequence() after time change; before this fix, SlowSequence() could be delayed.
  20. Fixed an Endianness issue with PakBus send hello verify interval.
  21. Fixed a type conversion issue when sorting floats.
  22. Fixed Out of memory error that could cause loss of communication.
  23. Updated Memory allocation to keep fragmentation to a minimum.
  24. Fixed PeriodAvg() timer rollover count issue.
  25. Changed PulseCount() on port C1 and C2 to return NAN and temporarily disable pulse counting interrupts when frequency is greater than 3KHZ.
  26. Fixed communications watch timeout when using communications watch over an IP port.
  27. Changed communications watch so it will reset if terminal is closed.
  28. Added "Files Manager" setting.
  29. Fixed an issue that caused CurrentSE() measurements to be out of spec.
  30. Fixed a SDI-12 communications issue that caused a communications lockup when waking up from sleep.
  31. Fixed switch closure pulse counting on P_LL that failed due to an interrupt setup issue.
  32. Fixed an issue that caused a watchdog reset on wakeup from sleep.
  33. Fixed USB wakeup interrupt from sleep issue that caused a wait timer to fail.
  34. Fixed an issue that caused an invalid compiler error "not a valid low level AC input port".
  35. Updated the watchdog timers to better service watchdog events and set them to more realistic settings.
  36. Fixed an issue that caused the IpServerTask to run continuously resulting in a watchdog.
  37. Fixed an issue when using SE1-SE4 for digital IO that could set the next sequential port as an input.