CR300 Series OS 7.05
Updated: 29-08-2018

  1. This update is recommended for all CR300 and CR310 dataloggers.
  2. This update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your datalogger and is recommended for all users.
  3. (WARNING) Upgrading the Operating System could reset all CR300 settings back to factory defaults. Sending this Operating System remotely can be done but is not recommended. To restore settings after the update, it is recommended that a backup be made of the current datalogger settings or take programmatic measures to ensure your settings can be restored. This can be done using Device Configuration Utility (DevConfig) backup utility or the CRBasic instruction SetSetting(). Detailed information on how to upgrade your datalogger operating system is provided in the CR300 manual.
  4. (Major) The CR300-CELL2xx now recovers appropriately after a PPP dropped error.
  5. (Minor) The CR300-CELL2xx Ping Keep Alive no longer fails if PPP was dropped.
  6. (Minor) Fixed an issue that caused false modem restarts to be logged.
  7. (Major) The CR300-CELL210 now reports phone number in the cellular status correctly.
  8. (Major) Increased the RS232 buffer size to fix buffer overruns when using PPP.
  9. (Minor) Updated Modbus slave when setting single registers.
  10. (Minor) Improved the SDI-12Recorder() instruction to allow communication with the CS320 sensor on both C channels.