CR300 Series OS 7.04
Updated: 02-07-2018

  1. (major) Improved the frequency option in the PulseCount() instruction to accurately measure frequency when scan intervals are grater the 65 seconds. 
  2. (minor) Modbus now works when using the COM_RF communications port.
  3. (major) EmailRelay()  streaming of  attachments now works correctly; attachments are not empty or corrupted.
  4. (minor) Updated the HTTP Server to return "Cache-Control: no-cache" in the header. This resolves an issue with cached JavaScript files not refreshing correctly.
  5. (minor) SetSetting() to set two byte integers with limits now works.
  6. (minor) Updated PPP to use the TCPMSS value set with SetSetting(“TCPMSS”, ..).
  7. (minor) The HTTP server no longer returns a 404 error when adding a parameter to a file request.
  8. (minor) Updated the CELL210 module startup to deactivate PDP context before modem initialization.
  9. (minor) Updated the CELL210 module startup to wait until after PPP startup to get network information.
  10. (minor) Updated the CELL210 module startup to verify PDP activation and retry as needed.
  11. (minor) Updated the CELL2XX modules functionality to check for a valid TCP\IP address after establishing a PPP connection.
  12. (minor) Changed data rate setting in the WiFi module to AUTO when joining an Enterprise Security network.