CR300 Series OS 8.01
Updated: 17-01-2019

  1. (New Feature) Added a watchdog to monitor a failed OS send attempt. If an unexpected error occurs causing the OS upload to be terminated mid process, the datalogger will watchdog in 40 minutes. When the datalogger watchdogs, the program set to “run on power up” by the run options, will compile and restart.
  2. (New Feature) A datalogger OS may be sent remotely using the "Logger Control" tab in Device Configuration Utility if the running program has been stopped. When the program is stopped, the SW12 port and communication ports will remain in the same state. Prior to this change, sending an operating system remotely via the "Logger Control" tab would cause the datalogger to reboot before accepting the OS. The reboot was problematic over cellular communications because of the latency in the renegotiation process. Device Configuration Utility will time out aborting the OS send before communications are reestablished leaving the datalogger in an idle/no program state. Note the best practice for sending an OS remotely is through File Control in either Device Configuration Utility or the LoggerNet Connect screen. Sending an OS with this method does not require you to stop the running program first. The OS has not changed the behavior to File Control.
  3. (Major) The Internal cell modem firmware in the CR3x0-CELL2xx series can now be updated over the air. See app note 3T-M for directions.
  4. (Major) Fixed an issue with the internal cellular modem that occurred when trying to re-connect to the network after a "PPP" error with detail "9" was logged in the cellular log.
  5. (Major) Fixed a memory corruption issue that could occur when the datalogger was simultaneously accessing files on the CPU while the IP stack was busy; for example, a known case involved storing images from a camera on the CPU during IP communication.
  6. (Major) Fixed an IP memory leak when using web sockets to access data in the CR300series. This was Introduced around OS 8.00.
  7. (Major) SDI12Recorder() now waits up to the advertised timeout by the sensor. In OS version 8.00 SDI12Recorder() would only waiting up to 2 seconds before issuing the aD0! Command.