CR300 Series OS 9.00
Updated: 19-06-2019

  1. (New Feature) Updated IP stack to support IPV6 updates.
  2. (New Feature) Added PDP authentication support for CR3XX-CELL2XX series.
  3. (New Feature) Updated DNS settings to allow IPV6 address. Requires Device Configuration utility 2.21 or greater.
  4. (New Feature) Added an optional count parameter to AvgRun() that returns the actual number of values used to calculate the running average. The actual number of values used may be different than the number specified for the calculation due to NAN values in the buffer of historical data.
  5. (New Feature) CR3XX-CELL2XX now supports the CELLULAR RADIO UPDATE and CELLULAR RADIO UPDATE FILE terminal commands.
  6. (Major) The CR300-series data logger, when it is a DHCP server, no longer activates the watchdog reset when receiving DHCP packets larger than 500. This change improves communication reliability over the RNDIS port and the integrated WIFI option when configured to create a network.
  7. (Major) An internal Wi-Fi update is available. After updating the CR300 to CR3XX.Std.09.00.obj, or later, the internal WIFI can be updated by sending CR300_WIFI_1.7.5.obj. This updates the WIFI module to properly receive broadcast packets from the Access Point it is joined to. Prior to this update the CR300 would not respond to the Device Configuration Utility IP search feature.
  8. (Minor) After updating to CR3XX.Std.09.00.obj, or later, the Device Configuration Utility “Send OS” tab will work as expected. Prior to this fix several attempts to send the OS may have been required.
  9. (Minor) The terminal command SHOW CELL INFO for the CR3XX-CELL2xx series no longer causes a reboot.
  10. (Minor) Quadrature() now uses static memory to fix the "Out of base memory" error.
  11. (Minor) OmniSatData(), OmniSatRandomSetup(), OmniSatStatus(), OmniSatSTSetup() now work with the OmniSat-3.
  12. (Minor) Several updates to GOESTable(). Pseudo Binary values now have the correct data format limits/range of values. Improved ASCII rounding when the value is larger than the specified precision. Updated output buffer size to prevent memory corruption.
  13. (Minor) The CR3XX-CELL2XX no longer enters a wait state if the module is in a power-up state and IPNetPower() is called to power-down the module.
  14. (Minor) DataEvent() now compiles when the DataTable size is auto allocated.
  15. (Minor) Fixed a memory corruption error on the CR3XX-RF4XX radio initialization.
  16. (Minor) The CR3XX-RF4XX no longer get into a state where continuous PakBus control packets are sent over the radio.
  17. (Minor) In the CR3XX-RF4XX the first radio packet after a wake-up event now transmits as expected. Prior to this change the first transmitted packet would occasionally fail.
  18. (Minor) Memory for TLS now is allocated correctly when TLS connections are used in Slow Sequence scans.
  19. (Minor) TriggerSequence() no longer prevents the CR300 from dropping into low power mode.
  20. (Minor) Fixed an invalid memory read error when using SerialOut() when used with the TCP/IP socket handle. The memory read error would cause the datalogger to watchdog.
  21. (Minor) Fixed and issue with PreserveVariables() that would cause memory corruption when restoring variables. This would cause the CR3X0 datalogger to become unresponsive and watchdog right after reboot.