CR300 Series OS 10.00
Updated: 11-03-2020

  1. (New Feature) Added support for the TX325 GOES satellite data transmitter.
  2. (New Feature) Added a Cell Network Operator ID setting, which allows the user to manually set the Operator ID.
  3. (New Feature) SDI12 in the data logger terminal can now read a multi-line response from a sensor.
  4. (Major) The internal CELL2XX now goes into low-power mode when expected.
  5. (New Feature) Added “CellNetCellID"(returns cell tower ID) and "CellNetBand”(returns the band the modem is currently using. These settings can also be accessed in Device Configuration Utility under Settings Editor->Cellular->Cell Diagnostic Info.
  6. (New Feature) Added Beacon Interval Internet and Verify Interval Internet settings for PakBus over IP communication. Use Device Configuration Utility to access the settings under the Settings Editor->Advanced tab.
  7. (Major) Disabled modem OMA discovery for the CR300-CELL205. This resolved an issue with unwanted data usage.
  8. (Major) Fixed a memory access issue that could cause a data logger to watchdog and reset. A few know cases were related to PPP and the LoggerLink mobile app.
  9. (Minor) Improved speed and discovery for the external CELL2XX.
  10. (Minor) PDP authentication now works as expected.
  11. (Minor) SerialIn() now works correctly when PPP is enabled on the same port.
  12. (Minor) Improved internal RF radio performance when sending packets in rapid succession.
  13. (Minor) Improved AvgRun() performance to decrease processing time.
  14. (Minor) Fixed PreserveVariables() to restore variables correctly.
  15. (Minor) ConstTable() now updates the timestamp when modified.
  16. (Minor) TableFile() now works correctly with GetDataRecord().
  17. (Minor) SDI2SensorSetup() now works correctly when using tablename.fieldname as a data source.
  18. (Minor) AVW200() now times out after 2 minutes if there is a communications failure.
  19. (Minor) Changed the raise to the power operator (^) to always return a float, so it matches the behavior of the PWR() instruction.
  20. (Minor) Tablename.record now returns the correct record number when it is called after table memory has rung and before the next frame is written.
  21. (Minor) VX1 and VX2 now can function as the ClkPort and ResPort for the AM25T().
  22. (Minor) Web API now returns record 0 when using the backfill option.
  23. (Minor) Updated PPP dial to send the ATH (hang-up) command if there is failed dial attempt.