Campbell Scientific Australia is excited to announce that our new Altoview smart sensor platform will be launching in 2017 with the release of an Altoview temperature sensor to provide smart refrigeration monitoring solutions for the catering and healthcare industry. Altoview is the Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platform that users have been waiting for, delivering a unique end-to-end solution to provide users
with the data they need wherever they want it, whenever they want it and how they want it.

Some features of the Altoview smart sensor platform include:

  • Low cost and simple to deploy sensor nodes
  • Inbuilt power (AA batteries) and communications (LoRa LPWAN, WiFi)
  • Long battery life (3+ years with LoRa devices)
  • High quality, application specific measurements
  • Remote authentication with Altoview cloud platform
  • Low monthly costs
  • Intuitive web interface and smart phone app
  • Fully encrypted data
  • Supports large scale networks

The Altoview platform has been developed to address the need for real time data management across a broad range of industries and our smart temperature sensor is the first Altoview sensor node to be launched. Designed in Australia by Campbell Scientific, users can expect high quality, simple, cost effective data capture and retrieval solutions from a company with global experience in providing quality measurement solutions.

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