PakBus® Routing is a new service being offered to clients with Campbell Scientific dataloggers. The service allows clients running Campbell Scientific LoggerNet software to easily connect to their IP enabled dataloggers via a PakBus® Routing server hosted by Campbell Scientific Australia. Communicating via our dedicated PakBus® Routing server removes the hassle of clients having to configure IT infrastructure to access their station data, plus it eliminates the communications issues commonly associated with Australian industrial modems.

Once connected via PakBus® Routing, clients can configure their LoggerNet software for remote scheduled data collection to provide a simple, reliable method of communicating with their Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

PakBus® Routing is priced on a per station basis, with the ability to select 12, 24 or 36 month pre-paid plans. Available for new dataloggers or existing stations without an IP connection, Campbell Scientific can also provide industrial modems* pre-configured for PakBus® Routing. For clients with existing IP enabled dataloggers wanting to use our PakBus® Routing service, contact Campbell Scientific today to discuss your requirements with one of our Application Engineers.

*Client to provide standard Telstra data sim card for the modem


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