TE525 metric or imperial?

For your ET107 station, we give you the choice between an imperial (0.01 inch increment - TE252) or a metric (0.1 mm increment -TE525MM) version for your tipping-bucket rain gage.

The two versions can be differentiated by the funnel shape as illustrated in the drawings below:



             TE525-L (0.01 inch increment)                                                TE525MM-L (0.1 mm increment)


If you need to replace your funnel, please make sure you tell use if you have an imperial or a metric version of the TE525.

Here are the replacement part numbers depending on your version:


1)      Imperial version (0.01 inch) :

30278 - Replacement Funnel/Collector with Screen and Snap Ring for TE525


2)      Metric version (0.1 mm):

30279 - Replacement Funnel/Collector with Screen for TE525MM


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