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Basic Troubleshooting 3: Measuring Current Drain

This video demonstrates how to insert multimeter leads in series with the power ground wire to measure the total current...

(4:12) Posted: 11/21/2023

Basic Troubleshooting 2: Checking Continuity

This video demonstrates using a digital multimeter to check for continuity. Continuity is the presence of a complete path for...

(2:15) Posted: 11/21/2023

Basic Troubleshooting 1: Measuring Data Logger Output Voltage With a Multimeter

This is the start of a new video series focused on troubleshooting Campbell Scientific data loggers and their connected devices....

(3:54) Posted: 11/21/2023

Troubleshooting Resistance-Based Sensors

This video walks through how to identify major issues of a resistance-based sensor. The demonstration uses a multimeter to verify...

(18:23) Posted: 4/6/2023

Troubleshooting Voltage Output Sensors

This video walks through how to identify major issues of a voltage output sensor. The demonstration uses a multimeter to...

(7:42) Posted: 4/6/2023

Connect Window Tutorial

LoggerNet Connect gives you a dashboard view of what's happening with each datalogger in your network. PC400 and PC200W have...

Posted: 8/26/2016

Cellular Modems | Troubleshooting

A troubleshooting guide to resolve some issues encountered with cellular modems. Topics covered include connection issues, error codes, hardware, signal...

(15:29) Posted: 6/25/2014

CRBasic | Common Errors

Some common errors identified by LoggerNet's CRBasic Editor and solutions for correcting them. The Campbell Scientific CRBasic Editor is our...

(12:07) Posted: 12/16/2013

SDI-12 Sensors | Watch or Sniffer Mode

How-to instructions for watching communication between an SDI-12 sensor and datalogger using the watch command (sniffer mode). This activity is...

(3:25) Posted: 11/27/2013

SDI-12 Sensors | Transparent Mode

How-to instructions for communicating directly with an SDI-12 sensor using a terminal emulator.This type of communication is helpful when verifying...

(7:13) Posted: 11/27/2013