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Basic Troubleshooting 3: Measuring Current Drain

This video demonstrates how to insert multimeter leads in series with the power ground wire to measure the total current...

(4:12) Posted: 11/21/2023

Basic Troubleshooting 2: Checking Continuity

This video demonstrates using a digital multimeter to check for continuity. Continuity is the presence of a complete path for...

(2:15) Posted: 11/21/2023

Basic Troubleshooting 1: Measuring Data Logger Output Voltage With a Multimeter

This is the start of a new video series focused on troubleshooting Campbell Scientific data loggers and their connected devices....

(3:54) Posted: 11/21/2023

DustVue Solar-Module Soiling Sensor

In-Field Soiling Measurement Sensor for PV Operational and Site Assessment. IEC 61724-1 Compliant.

(1:11) Posted: 11/1/2023

Using RTMC Pro to Create a Report and Hotspot

This RTMC Pro video introduces the concept of pulling archived data to create reports for viewing previous data. These reports...

(6:45) Posted: 10/31/2023

Using RTMC Pro

This video tutorial introduces RTMC Pro, Real-Time Monitoring and Control software. It demonstrates the basics of placing and editing a...

(5:44) Posted: 10/31/2023

CRBasic in the Real World Part 5: Changing the Sensor Used in a Program and Program Versioning

In this video, I will demonstrate changing the sensor used in a program and how to use program versioning to...

(5:42) Posted: 9/29/2023

Using RTMC (2023)

This video tutorial introduces RTMC, Real Time Monitoring and Control, software. Building a project is demonstrated and several examples are...

(10:41) Posted: 8/21/2023

CRBasic in the Real World Part 4: Offsets

In this video, I will demonstrate two methods to calculate and apply an offset to a water level measurement. Both...

(7:24) Posted: 8/9/2023

CRBasic in the Real World Part 3: Subroutines

In this third video, I will add a subroutine with a retries argument to the program. Adding the subroutine allows...

(6:31) Posted: 6/26/2023