With the release of the CR300 Series data logger, we have a product that far exceeds the capability of its predecessor, the CR200 Series. The CR300 Series has more measurement and control capability coupled, much-improved measurement accuracy and powerful communications support and programmability of our higher level solutions. Although the CR200 series loggers with radio communications capability have been retired, we intend to support them for several years to come.

To further enhance logger applications requiring radio support, the CR300 series data loggers with new radio options including the RF411A, RF412, and RF451, offer significant improvements over the older series. To help explain the changes and how it may affect your networks, here is what you need to know.

Radio Product Changes

Maintaining Existing Networks

The RF411A was introduced as a replacement with improvements, for the RF411 and RF431 922MHz Spread Spectrum Radios. These aging product lines were forced into retirement as a result of the end-of-life of the core radio module within these products.

The firmware package used on the newer radio modules used within the RF411A makes them over-the-air compatible with their predecessors, the RF411 and RF431. These were used in CR211X and AVW211 product lines to keep them in production.

Newer Radio Products

The newer radio modules are also used in the RF412, but it’s loaded with a different firmware. This different firmware allows us to use newer serial protocols and as such require different software drivers. Consequently, the newer RF412 radio has been built into a number of our newer product lines such as the CR300 and CR6 Series Dataloggers.

The Generational Break

Unfortunately, the newer firmware and protocols used on the RF412 means that it’s not over-the-air compatible with the radio protocols used by the RF411, RF431, and RF411A. Additionally, because different OS drivers are required to talk to the different radio versions, there are currently no plans to update the CR211X or AVW211 to be over-the-air compatible with the RF412 series.

Thus a generational break in radios has been established. However, due to the shared core radio modules used in both the RF411A and RF412, an RF411A can be upgraded to an RF412 by Campbell Scientific. As part of the process the radio module firmware version is changed and the carrier board OS is updated. Contact us at info@campbellsci.com.au for details.

In short, RF411A and RF412 represents a “bridge” between the two generations as they can be attached serially to most products and because we offer the upgrade path service from old to new.


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