Smart Refrigeration MonitoringRefrigeration Monitoring

Field trials of our Altoview smart refrigeration monitoring solution are now underway in Townsville and Brisbane. Altoview temperature monitoring nodes are deployed in a range of businesses including cafes, restaurants, service stations and hospitals. Trials will continue and be expanded over the next few months, with the aim of refining our hardware and software solution through pragmatic industry feedback, ready for a quarter two 2018 product launch.

Altoview’s smart refrigeration monitoring solution is primarily aimed at the food service and healthcare industry and is designed to help protect the integrity of stored products and reduce product wastage. The end-to-end monitoring solution ensures optimal monitoring of critical control points, with email alarming to inform when an appliance has reached a critical control limit and requires attention.

Smart Flood Warning SolutionsFlood Warning

As part of our 12-month Advance Queensland Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) flood warning project with James Cook University, Campbell Scientific Australia has recently rolled out a network of smart, all-in-one rain gauges that communicate with our Altoview IoT platform via wireless LPWAN technology.

This network will be expanded around Townsville over the coming weeks. As part of this same KTP project, Campbell Scientific Australia is also developing a smart, low cost and reliable IoT flood warning sensor to detect water over road, field trials of which are due to start in Q4 of this year, with the assistance of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Northern Region).

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