Campbell Scientific Australia (CSA) at the start of May celebrated 25 years of operation in Australia. A terrific achievement that all the CSA staff and the CSA Board are extremely proud of. There is more detail on this milestone in the accompanying pages.

For now I simply wanted to thank you our customer for trusting us to be your data acquisition partner – many of our customers have been with CSA for many years which we greatly appreciate and respect. Though much has changed in our 25 year history there are some things that haven’t, in particular our strong desire to continually strive to meet your needs through great service and quality and reliable product solutions. Again we thank you for your trust in us.

Also this month I spent a week at our parent company in Logan, Utah, attending the annual Campbell Scientific management conference. For me as a relatively new comer the energy and desire to keep improving was very pleasing to see. The Campbell Scientific operations are extremely impressive with now over 300 staff, including 80 plus application engineers, making up the operations in Logan. The attention to detail and the focus on quality manufacturing is evident immediately along with the significant investment in infrastructure – all of which is geared to ensuring the highest quality products delivering the highest quality measurement for your application, whatever field that may be in.

Some exciting Campbell Scientific products, both here at CSA and at our parent company are being developed for release over the next 12 months. One of those products is featured in this newsletter, the CS240DM best-in-class smart sensor that measures back of module temperature on solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. With the growing solar industry due in Australia as we look to offer alternative energy solutions our new sensor promotes optimal heat transfer to the and will survive decades in the harsh conditions of a solar farm.

We are happy to release a rugged, surface mountable platinum resistive thermometer (PRT) that promises Campbell Scientific precision analogue-to-digital, smart sensor module that makes back-of-module temperature measurements that are among the most accurate measurements available today. Talk to us today about our Solar Energy solutions for site assessment, performance monitoring and advanced solar monitoring.

Finally thank you to everyone who contributed to our recent photo competition, for our first year at running this the quality of entrants was absolutely terrific – congratulations to Matthew Northwood from Charles Darwin University for his winning shot. As always if there is anything you would like to suggest for our newsletter please do not hesitate to drop our marketing guru Nikki Hains an email

Adam Parsons


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