Campbell Scientific is renowned for our VSPECT vibrating wire measurement hardware. Development of vibrating wire measurement technology has been among the most cutting edge in the world at Campbell Scientific with new methods emerging for static and dynamic measurements every year. When using vibrating wire the most appropriate solution can make a big difference to your deployment and costs.

CR6 CRVW3 CDM-VW300 Series AVW200 Series
Defining Characteristics Fully functional datalogger with on board vibrating wire measurements 3-channel stand-alone vibrating wire datalogger 2-channel dynamic vibrating wire analyser 2-channel vibrating wire analyser
USB Con-figuration






Expandable Memory




Wireless Communications

Wi-Fi and radio options (available soon)

Radio Options


Radio Options

Channel Count

12 Universal

3 Vibrating Wire

2 to 8 Vibrating Wire

2 Vibrating Wire

Multiplexer Capable



Static VW

Dynamic VW

With CDM-VW300 Series



Power Input

12 to 32 Vdc

12 to 28 Vdc

9.6 to 30 Vdc

12 Vdc

Please contact us to find out what vibrating wire peripheral is best for you and keep an eye out for more vibrating wire products in the coming years.


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