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Updated: 11-04-2022

There are three example programs for the CDM-CD16AC. The first program demonstrates using two SDM-CD16AC modules to control pumps and heaters based on water level and temperature thresholds. The remaining two programs are designed to control the temperature in five greenhouses. The temperature will be maintained between 23 and 28 °C in each greenhouse. In each greenhouse, the SDM-CS16AC controls a heating unit, a refrigerating unit, and an air-mixing fan according to these conditions.  

Heating unit: Activate when temperature < 23.5 °C. Deactivate when temperature > 25.5 °C

Cooling unit: Activate when temperature > 27.5 °C. Deactivate when temperature < 24.5 °C

Mixing fan: Activate whenever the heating or cooling units are activated. Activate for 5 minutes out of every 15 minutes.

The difference between program 2 and program 3 is the method used to control outputs. Program 2 uses an array to set the SDM-CD16AC outputs. Program 3 uses a Long integer, with each bit in the variable controlling one of the outputs.