CDM-VW300/305 OS 6
Updated: 21-04-2020

  1. (New Feature) The CDM OS version is now reported in the CPIStatus table when used with GRANITE dataloggers or with CR6 OS 10 or greater, or CR1000X OS 4 or greater. There is no requirement for the CDM or datalogger OS to be updated or matched unless the user wants to see the CDM OS version. If either the datalogger or CDM OS does not have this update, the OS information is just ignored (not reported in CPIStatus).
  2. (Major) Improved CPI autobaud detection to avoid CAN bus collisions while searching for the correct bit rate. Prior to this improvement, it was possible for several VWIRE305 devices on the same CPI bus to attempt establishment of the correct bit rate in a synchronized pattern that may have prevented any of them from establishing a connection. In this situation, a system power cycle was required to recover communication between the datalogger and the VWIRE devices.