Our family of data loggers is always getting a fresh set of improvements to complement the vast functionality already available. If you haven’t already updated to the latest operating system for your next project or a revisit of a current application, you can find all the latest operating systems, software updates and tools at (http://campbellsci.com.au/downloads). In the latest operating system update there have been some useful additions to CRBasic and some changes to data logger table definitions that are worth knowing about.


The TotalRun instruction is used to output a running total of a measurement.

TotalRun(Dest, Reps, Source, Number, RunReset [optional])

The running total is calculated by adding together the last known number of measurements in previous scans, excluding NaN values. You can easily set up a running total with a single line of code and use this value to control events, store to a table or reset the total using the RunReset Boolean option.

If you have ever wanted to work out a running total for rainfall, wind, flow you can appreciate the simplicity of a single instruction instead of managing an array of data correctly or using other instructions creatively.

ConstTable()/ EndConstTable

ConstTable ( TableName, Hidden )

Const A = value

Const B = value



This table can be used to declare constants that can be changed using a keyboard display or using the terminal mode. The program is then recompiled with the new values. OS 28 added the ability to change the constants via datalogger support software.

In applications that require calibration constants, site specific data values, phone or email contact lists or messages and many more constants, this table can provide a strong feature to allow a single version of a program to be used instead of managing site specific versions or future constant modifications.

SetStatus(), SetSetting()

The SetStatus and new SetSettings instructions are used to change settings in our data loggers.

You may have noticed that values such as PakBus address have disappeared from the Status Table.

The Status table has been reduced in size and reorganised. Previously the Status table held data logger configuration settings; these are now accessible through the Settings Editor window in LoggerNet’s Connect Screen while connected to a data logger or with Device Configuration Utility.

The use of these instructions has changed, you can now declare them outside of BeginProg. See CRBasic help for more information on their use. You can still access fields in code using the TableName.Fieldname(1,1) syntax.


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