MET200 Entry-level Turnkey Weather Stations
Simple, cost effective weather stations for general meteorological monitoring purposes
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Campbell Scientific MET200 systems provide general meteorological measurements in a complete, turnkey package with minimal installation requirements. Utilising quick deploy mil-spec connectors for faster field installation, systems are simple to install and specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. MET200 weather stations are suitable for general weather monitoring purposes and applications such as spray drift or odour monitoring. These systems provide the robustness and reliability that clients have come to expect from Campbell Scientific systems, all in a simple cost effective turnkey package.


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Benefits and Features

  • Complete turnkey systems – no user programming required
  • Rapid deploy mil-spec connectors for faster installation
  • Robust, reliable systems for long-term monitoring
  • Solar powered with battery backup
  • 15 minute, 30 minute and daily data tables
  • Remote scheduled data collection over IP with the -IP option and LoggerNet software
  • Optional hourly and daily ET data tables
  • Remote data hosting service available


Detailed Description

MET200 systems provide a turnkey solution for anyone wanting quality meteorological measurements in a simple, cost effective package. The MET200 Core Unit consists of a prewired environmental enclosure consisting of: CR200X datalogger, 12V 7Ahr SLA battery, 10W solar power with mounting bracket and DIN Rail fused terminal wiring. Systems are supplied with mil-spec connectors for all external connections.

Mounting options include a 3 metre galvanised mounting pole or a 2-3 metre galvanised tripod, both supplied with lighting protection kit. Alternatively users have the option to supply their own system mount.

Communications options include direct connection to the RS232 port via the supplied serial-USB cable, or remote data collection via NextG modem with the -IP option and Campbell Scientific LoggerNet software.

MET200 systems can be ordered with up to 5 meteorological sensors: CS215-MET2 Air Temperature and Relative Humidity probe, 03002-MET2 Wind Speed and Direction sensor, SP-212-MET2 Solar Radiation sensor, CS703-MET2 Tipping Bucket Rain gauge and CS106-MET2 Barometric Pressure sensor. Choose any combination of these sensors to suit your measurement requirements.


Air Temperature

  • Measurement Range: -40 to +70°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C (at 25°C), ±0.4°C (+5°C to +40°C), ±0.9°C (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Response Time w/Filter: < 20s (63% response time in air moving at 1m/s)

Relative Humidity

  • Measurement Range: 0 to 100%
  • Accuracy (at 25°C): ±2% (10% to 90%), ±4% (0 to 100%)
  • Response Time w/Filter: < 20s (63% response time in air moving at 1m/s) 

Wind Speed

  • Measurement Range: 0 to 50 m s-1 (180 km hr-1)
  • Gust Survival: 60 m s-1 (216 km hr-1)
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 m s-1 (1.8 km hr-1)
  • Threshold: ±0.5 m s-1 (1.8 km hr-1) 

Wind Direction

  • Measurement Range: Mechanical 360°, Electrical 352° (8° open)
  • Accuracy: ±5°
  • Threshold: 0.8 m s-1 (with 10° Displacement), 1.8 m s-1 (with 5° Displacement) 

Solar Radiation

  • Measurement Range: 0 to 1750 W m-2 (full sunlight ≈ 1000 W m-2)
  • Absolute Accuracy: ±5% for daily total radiation
  • Response Time: < 1 ms
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C 


  • Receiver: 200 mm ±0.3 diameter
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.2 mm
  • Maximum Intensity: 700 mm hr-1
  • Calibration Accuracy: Better than 1% for intensities at 50 mm hr-1, Better than 4% for intensities at 100 mm hr-1 

Barometric Pressure

  • Measurement Range: 500 to 1100 hPa
  • Accuracy: ±0.3 hPa (at 25°C), ±1.0 hPa (-20°C to +45°C), ±1.5hPa (-40°C to +60°C)
  • Calibration Uncertainty: ±0.15 hPa
  • Long-Term Stability: ±0.1 hPa per year
  • Settling Time: 1 s to reach full accuracy after power-up
  • Response Time: 500 ms to reach full accuracy


  • 12V 7Ahr SLA Battery
  • 10W Solar Panel
  • Internal Solar Charging Regulator



The MET200 can communicate with a PC via direct connection or remote scheduled data collection (requires -IP option and LoggerNet software)

Data tables available

  • 15 minute
  • 30 minute
  • Daily
  • Hourly ET*
  • Daily ET*


The currently available sensors that the MET200 can measure are sensors with a -MET2 suffix.

Power Supplies

The MET200 is a solar powered system and comes supplied with 10W solar panel, solar panel mounting bracket, internal solar charging regulator and 12V 7Ahr SLA battery.


The MET200 is compatible with the following software packages:

  • MET200 Configurator Software
  • PC200W
  • PC400
  • LoggerNet
  • Device Configuration Utility

* Data output only available when CS215-MET2, 03002-MET2 and SP-212-MET2 sensors are present.



PC200W v.4.5 (82.8 MB) 18-08-2017

Our starter software that supports direct connection between a datalogger and a computer. Short Cut, Device Configuration Utility and CardConvert are included.

Note: More recent versions of Short Cut and Device Configuration Utility have been released and are available as individual downloads.

Supported Operating Systems: (32 and 64 bit) Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7.

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