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Pakbus over Wifi Mesh Network

ZMS Mar 6, 2019 04:40 PM


A few questions regarding using pakbus protocol over a wifi network.  

I will have a few CR300 loggers that will have a wifi network connection.  They will not be in wifi range of eachother, but in range of an existing wifi mesh network.  Four of these will have non-vented pressure transducers and a 5th will have a barometer and other sensors.  I'd like to send out water level data compensated for atmospheric pressure.   

1) Can I send data via pakbus over this wifi mesh network, or does pakbus only apply to direct radio connections between loggers?  

2) If so, would it be more sensible/effecient to populate the single barometer logger with pressure data from the four stations and email that data to the network, or vice-versa, populate each transducer logger with barometer data and email all those.... I think the first - answering my own question...

3) Outside of using loggernet, are there any CRBasic examples to set this up?  For example: 

A. I'll need to make sure clocks are all synched and correct

B. Looks like there are a few commands for sending data via pakbus.  

C. Where in the program flow is it best to execute pakbus commands? 

Thank you so much!


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