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The CS135 Demo Pack requires Campbell Viewpoint to be installed already.  It will add a demonstration CS135 to... learn more

SMP10 Example Programs 1 (3 KB) 12-01-2021

Includes two CR1000X programs. One program measures the SMP10 sensor using Modbus over RS-485 and the other program... learn more

AP200 CR1000 Program 2.01 (31.3 KB) 12-01-2021

AP200 CR1000(X) Program. Compatible with the LI-850. Note: For those with the LI-840 contact Campbell Scientific for compatible code. learn more

CCFC Firmware 2.7.6 (10.7 MB) 23-12-2020

Latest firmware for the CCFC Field Camera - version 2.7.6 learn more

CR6, CR1000X, and CR300 programs demonstrating taking multiple measurements using an AM16/32B relay multiplexer. Examples cover single-ended, differential,... learn more

SR30 Example Program 1 (2 KB) 10-12-2020

The example CR1000X program measures the SR30 sensor. The program will store the values if the result code... learn more

CS250DM Example Program 1 (1 KB) 07-12-2020

The example CR6 program measures four CS250DM sensors, averages the four temperature measurements, and calculates the standard deviation... learn more

CS140-OS9 Release 9 (52kb) 03-12-2020

Release Note for Operating System OS8 for the Campbell Scientific CS140 Background Luminance Sensor Campbell Scientific has introduced a... learn more

This example CR6 program collects the volumetric water content, relative permittivity, soil temperature, and bulk electrical conductivity for... learn more

CR1000X datalogger programs for the CSAT3BH with SDM and CPI communications protocols.  Warning: This program is not intended for... learn more