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When partnered with the Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device, the SoilVUE™10 measures soil profiles with minimal site disturbance and delivers accurate soil water content, electrical conductivity, and temperature profiles. This connection makes the SoilVUE 10 virtually maintenance free by eliminating the need for long cable runs or battery replacements.

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SoilVUE 10 Key Features

  • Research-grade soil profiles, including accurate soil water content, electrical conductivity, and temperature
  • Used with an augured hole for minimal soil profile disturbance and maximum soil contact
  • Powered by the Aspen 10 to eliminate the need for long cable runs or battery replacements, and provide maintenance-free operation
  • Uses Campbell Scientific TrueWave™TDR technology for smooth signals and defensible, universally comparable measurements

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Aspen 10 and CampbellCloud Integration

Combining the SoilVUE 10 and the Aspen 10 gives you access to streamlined data management through CampbellCloud. This integration ensures data accuracy, storage, and secure, real-time accessibility to simplify soil measurements for environmental research and monitoring networks.

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CampbellGo: CampbellCloud Field Companion App

CampbellGo, a companion app to CampbellCloud, simplifies the deployment and troubleshooting of Aspen 10-enabled SoilVUE 10 stations. With near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth connectivity, CampbellGo allows a direct wireless connection to the Aspen 10 for immediate device status, configuration options, and access to network views while on-site.

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More Aspen 10-Compatible IoT Solutions

  • ClimaVUE™50 + Aspen 10: Get next-gen IoT solutions for advanced meteorological monitoring.
  • HygroVUE™10 + Aspen 10: Acquire accurate humidity and air temperature monitoring with next-gen IoT solutions.
  • RainVUE™10 + Aspen 10: Access economical solutions for rainfall monitoring.
  • RainVUE™20 + Aspen 10: Experience solutions tailored for high-intensity, smart rainfall applications.
  • SnowVUE™10 + Aspen 10: Discover next-gen solutions for precision snow-depth monitoring.
  • TempVUE™20 + Aspen 10: Employ solutions for air temperature measurements that surpass World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recommendations.
  • Wintersense SDI-12 + Aspen 10: Benefit from precision IoT solutions for road monitoring and route-based winter maintenance decisions.

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