SC105 OS 4

  1. Changed the defaults so they are compatible w/CR1000, CR3000, and CR800/850. Specifically, CS IO mode is SDC7 and RS-232 mode set to Modem Mode.
  2. Added SDC addresses 10, 11.
  3. Added ME baud rates. Rates are 9600, 19.2k, 38.4k, 57.6k, 115.2k.
  4. Changed references to "CSDC" to now just be SDC.
  5. Added SDC info bits. This will show up in datalogger settings as SDCx Info SC105 Vxx; where x is 7,8,10, or 11 (the SDC address that the device is on), and xx is the firmware version.
  6. Improved "Modem Mode". RTS and DTR follow ME, SDC (all addresses), and PE active state. RTS and DTR will be active (high at SC105 connector) while communication is active. For ME, this means while ME is high. For SDC, this means while the linked state is active. The CR1000, CR3000, and CR800/850 datalogger sends out an SDC command that “shuts down” the interface when the link state becomes inactive. This is the same command that is used by the COM220 to turn off the modem when it is configured for SDC 7 or 8.
  7. Enhanced CS I/O ME mode. The array based loggers bring CLK/HS high when ME is active. The CR1000, CR3000, and CR800/850 leave CLK/HS low while ME is active, but then raise CLK/HS when the “ME Pause” occurs. ME connected devices are expected to stop driving the TX line during this period so that an SDC device can communicate during this “ME Pause”. Previous SC105s did not monitor CLK/HS when connected as an ME device. It now works very well whether connected to an array based datalogger or a PakBus datalogger, and with other devices (SDC devices, storage modules, etc).