PC9000 Patch 5.3.1

  1. A checkbox called "Don't Use Subscans" has been added to the Filter Block Setup screen which, when checked, forces the main scan interval to match the CR9052 (Voltfilt) scan interval. This causes the VoltFilt instructions show up in the main scan instead of a subscan. The resulting programs are similar to the kind generated before the subscan feature enhancement implemented in version 5.3.
  2. Calculated Fields and Running Averages can now be performed with VoltFilt measurements. These had been removed previously to avoid compatibility problems with subscans. This new implementation resolves the subscan incompatibility, allowing Calculated Fields to work correctly, even within subscans.
  3. The default tab setting for the Output tables in the Filter Block screen now shows the VoltFilt Table tab in the forefront so users will be aware of this as part of their CR9052 table output setup.
  4. Even when the "Don’t use subscans" check box is not checked, if the main scan interval and the 9052 sample interval are the same, the VoltFilt measurements will not appear within a subscan.
  5. Previously, defined aliases for any measurements after the first measurement being output to the same table using VoltFilt measurements were erroneously left out. Now these aliases appear properly.