LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.4.1
Updated: 22-10-2007

  1. Enhancements: The auto-reconnect interval for the Connect window was changed to 2 seconds.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed setting ports & flags for CR9000 datalogger.
  3. Bug Fix: Collecting a sample of a Boolean True value would be stored in the data file as a 1. Changed to -1.
  4. Bug Fix: If the All Caps mode option was selected in the Terminal Emulator when not connected to a device an error would occur.
  5. Bug Fix: The Select Device list in the Terminal Emulator has been changed so that it cannot be edited manually.
  6. Bug Fix: If a connection was attempted with a datalogger connected via RF and the connection to the RF remote failed, in some instances LoggerNet would connect to the RF base.
  7. Bug Fix: Made changes so that LoggerNet can work properly with a last modified date string returned by the datalogger for files.
  8. Known Issue: If a backup of the network is performed and a filename is not specified for the backup file, the file will be saved as year-month-day_hour-minute-seconds.snapshot. This *.snapshot file can be loaded into LoggerNet by renaming the file with a *.bkp extension.
  9. Known Issue: When doing a Custom Collection from the Connect window, if you select the CSV file format and apply formatting changes (such as removing the time and date stamp), and then return the file format option to TOA5 or Binary, the settings for the CSV file are incorrectly applied to the new file format.
  10. Setup Window: Made some changes to the behavior of the File dialog box for the Backup/Restore option when a file name is not specified.
  11. Setup Window: Added an hour glass cursor to indicate LoggerNet is "busy" when saving changes to large networks.
  12. Connect Window: In some instances, once the ports and flags dialog box was opened for a datalogger it would always open when the Connect window was opened.
  13. Connect Window: If a program file was sent from the network and then the computer was disconnected from the network, the Send (program) button could get into a state so that nothing would happen when Send was pressed.
  14. Connect Window: Pressing the Connect button to bring it to the front of other application windows would change the original position of the window on the screen if it had been moved.
  15. Connect Window: Reimplemented the ability to plot Boolean values on a graph.
  16. Connect Window: Under certain conditions, the Numeric Display would stop updating.
  17. Connect Window: If the Override the Autoupdate option was chosen for a Numeric Display, there were instances where the update rate would be set to 5 seconds if you stopped and then restarted a display.
  18. Connect Window: The Numeric Displays were updating only when the record number updated for the datalogger. Thus, if values were being updated in a loop, the user would never see this update.
  19. Connect Window: Choosing Restore Default Configuration in a Numeric Display could cause text in a cell to be right-aligned.
  20. Connect Window: Resolved an error that appeared in the Custom Collection window when trying to apply a directory choice to all tables.
  21. Connect Window: In certain circumstances a cancelled data collection in the Custom Collection window would not abort.
  22. Connect Window: When doing a Custom Collection, the file name would be incorrect for the "Create New File" option if a period was used in the directory name.
  23. Connect Window: If a data table had only two records (record 0 & 1), only the second record (1) would be collected with a Custom Collection.
  24. File Control: Canceling a send operation would not always stop the file send.
  25. File Control: Could not send files to a datalogger using File Control.
  26. File Control: Fixed some problems with the behavior of the Run Options dialog box.
  27. File Control: If a card was full when trying to send a file, the error message erroneously indicated that the CPU was full instead of the card full.
  28. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: New support files for all CRBasic dataloggers have been added to the CRBasic Editor.
  29. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: New Editor Options (Options | Editor Preferences) - Added the ability to turn off case auto correction of key words (Enable Keyword Capitalization check box). - Added the option to use spaces or tabs when the tab key is pressed or when auto indenting is performed, and the ability set the number of spaces used when spaces is chosen.
  30. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: A list of all CRBasic short cut keys can be displayed from the Options | Show Keyboard Shortcuts menu item or by using CTRL+K.
  31. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: If a word is highlighted and the Replace function is chosen, the highlighted word will be placed in the Search box for the replace.
  32. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: Added the ability to associate program file extensions with the CRBasic Editor in the Windows operating system (Options | Associate Files) so they are automatically opened in the CRBasic Editor when double-clicked in Windows Explorer.
  33. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: The Save & Send dialog now remembers the last datalogger to which a program was sent.
  34. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Enhancement: Programs are now precompiled prior to sending the file when Save & Send is used.
  35. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: When using the up or down bookmark arrows to go to the next or previous bookmark, the bookmarks were visited in the order added to the Editor, not in the order they appeared in the program.
  36. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: In the parameter dialog box for adding variables (Public or Dim), adding new variables and pressing Next would incorrectly add parenthesis around the variables.
  37. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: The Replace function was replacing the first instance twice.
  38. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: Fixed several issues with opening the CRBasic Editor if a network printer was selected as the default printer, but the computer was not connected to the network.
  39. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: If LoggerNet was closed with the CRBasic Editor maximized, it would not return to a maximized state when LoggerNet was restarted.
  40. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: Fixed instances where the Search & Replace dialog box was covering other windows or losing focus when it shouldn't have.
  41. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: A CR9000 datalogger would not show up in the list of dataloggers for the Save & Send dialog box.
  42. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: The compiler message was being omitted when you saved and compiled a compressed file.
  43. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: If a specific compiler was chosen for the CR200 datalogger prior to saving the program to a file name, the program would always be compiled with the default compiler.
  44. CRBasic Editor 2.9 Bug fix: An access violation would be displayed if help were chosen from the menu and no file was opened.
  45. PakBus Graph 1.8: Unlocking the position of a node did not have any affect.