RF407 OS 02
Updated: 10-10-2016

  1. Fixed problem of routing across an intermediate node when the Power Mode was set to duty cycle. This was an issue both for the case of the intermediate node being a datalogger with RF407 attached, or a standalone RF router. The problem was that the correct wakeup packet sequence was not sent from the intermediate node to the end node, so the end node would not wakeup and communicate.
  2. Increased the number of neighbors that an RF407 can handle to 40 (was ~8 for a RF router, and 20 for a RF407 attached to a datalogger). Now it is 40 for both (note that this is a neighbor limit, not an RF network limit; a neighbor is a node that is one hop away).
  3. Changed the formatting of the Routes setting so that each route is on a separate line when viewed in PakBus Graph.
  4. Changed the reported RSSI to -dBm (made it negative).