Updated: 01-12-2023

  1. (New Feature) The firmware for the AL200 has been completely refactored from the ground up. It no longer relies on code libraries from other ALERT2 manufacturers.
  2. (New Feature) The API used in the AL200 now follows the specifications outlined in the ALERT2 IND API Specification Version 2.0 as released by the ALERT2 Technical Working Group dated June 2020.
  3. (New Feature) 250 millisecond slots are now supported.
  4. (New Feature) Encryption of ALERT2 messages is now supported.
  5. (New Feature) Allows selection of Test Flag functionality when Device Configuration Utility is connected to the AL200.
  6. (New Feature) Allows selection of Forward Error Correction to increase data throughput or shorten slot requirement for good RF paths.
  7. (Minor) GPS syncing and Clock Status stability has been improved.
  8. (Minor) SDI-12 sensor support has been improved.
  9. (Minor) SDI-12 sensor monitoring via Device Configuration Utility has been improved.
  10. (Minor) Transmissions can now be set to start at the beginning of the slot (per industry common default) or centered (previous behavior).
  11. (Depreciated) No longer supports ALERT concentration.
  12. (Depreciated) No longer supports ALERT2 Version 1.0 API commands.