CH200 / PS200 OS 11
Updated: 24-04-2020

  1. Added support for a new battery type, type 4 "LiFePO4".
  2. Modified the charge algorithm when LiFePO4 battery is used. The battery will charge as normal until (Qloss < 0.1*battery capacity) AND (battery current < 0.5). Lithium batteries aren’t supposed to be trickle charged; this algorithm takes care of that. When this condition is met for 20 consecutive seconds, we stop trying to charge the battery for 5 minutes, after that 5 minutes, we start trying to charge again, until the condition is met for 20 consecutive seconds and so on.
  3. Added SDI-12 and terminal commands to force a watchdog reset. The SDI-12 command is aXWD! where a is the SDI-12 address of the device.