LNDB Patch 1.3
Updated: 22-12-2017

  1. Enhancement - LNDB now supports the CR300 series and CR1000X dataloggers.
  2. Enhancement - LNDB now supports Subnet capability, including groups.
  3. Enhancement - LNDB now allows the use of IPv6 addresses when connecting to a remote LoggerNet server.
  4. Bug Fix - Passwords are now case-sensitive.
  5. Bug Fix - The LNDB Service can now be installed properly when the LNDBManager has not yet been started for the first time.
  6. Bug Fix - DBExport column selection functionality was restored that was lost between v1.1 and v1.2.
  7. Bug Fix - Status bar improvements were made relating to database connection status.
  8. Bug Fix - A topic is now included in the online help that discusses database creation.