CR9000X OS 6
Updated: 23-01-2012

  1. Support for the SDM-SIO1 device has been implemented. This enables the following instructions to be used for serial communications while this device is connected to the CR9000X: SerialClose, SerialFlush, SerialIn , SerialInBlock, SerialInChk, SerialInRecord, SerialOpen, SerialOut, SerialOutBlock. See details in the SerialOpen CRBasic Help topic for more information about how this is accomplished. The SerialBrk instruction is not applicable to the SDM-SIO1 and therefore not implemented. Serial communications using the instructions shown above (and related precursors) are not supported via the RS-232 port of the CR9032 module.
  2. Support for the use of the SC115 device has been added. When the SC115 is connected to the CR9000X, a file device with the name "USB" will show in File Control.
  3. The GPS and GPSTS instructions have been added. The GPS Sensor is connected to the RS-232 Port of the CR9032 module. See the CRBasic Help topic for each instruction to get more details about how they are used.
  4. Variable Names up to 39 characters in length are now supported.
  5. Table Names up to 20 characters in length are now supported.