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Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
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Common Accessories

One 17992 is needed per AL200. This active GPS antenna provides 28 dBi of preamp for weak signal or long cable run applications. It also provides filtering to improve immunity to other RF signals, making it highly jam resistant. Its weatherproof package is designed to withstand exposure to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and sun.
The 31182 is a magnetic mount GPS patch antenna. It is typically used where GPS reception is readily available and concern is low for snow buildup completely covering the antenna. The 31182 is also commonly used in cost-sensitive applications or applications that require a small-sized, low-profile antenna. This antenna connects to a GPS receiver with SMA connector. The antenna package is waterproof and corrosion resistant.
18017-L GPS Antenna Cable
One 18017 is needed per GPS antenna. The 18017-L is an LMR-195 low-loss coaxial cable fitted with a TNC (plug) connector on one end and an SMA (plug) connector on the other end.
Cable Length - show details
-L m cable per sensor

Allowed values: 5-60 m, increments of 5 m

One 30626 is needed to mount the GPS antenna. The 30626 is an antenna mounting bracket designed for antennas with 3/4 in. IPS mounting threads.
The CM235 consists of rectangular plate, mounting bracket, U-bolts, lock washers, and nuts. It allows one peripheral with a magnetic base to be mounted to a crossarm or mast.
SC12 Robust Input/Output Cable
One SC12 is needed when a Campbell Scientific datalogger is used. The SC12 is our standard cable for connecting the datalogger's 9-pin serial I/O port to most peripherals with a 9-pin port.
If you are not using a Campbell Scientific datalogger, you may need one 8125. The 8125 is a small, flat-bladed screwdriver that is extremely useful for opening the guillotine terminals on our dataloggers and measurement control devices. One screwdriver is shipped with some of our dataloggers, as well as several of our other products.
ALERT2ADM ALERT2 Administrator (requires LoggerNetADM)
ALERT2 Administrator is ideal for ALERT2 and ALERT network administrators who have smaller networks (1 to 100 stations) or who are seeking a more cost-effective solution for collecting and monitoring their data. This simple, reliable, and flexible software package aids network administrators in distributing data to their constituents.
Delivery Method
-D -D Download Only
-DD -DD Download & CD Disc
-DU -DU Download & USB Drive

Other Accessories

10873 Serial Data Cable, 9-Pin Female to 9-Pin Male
This serial cable is used to connect the AL200 to the datalogger's RS-232 port.

Replacement Parts

The 7843 is the 2-pin, detachable, power supply connector (green) supplied with the AL200. This detachable plug can be easily replaced by the user.
The 28750 is a replacement connector for the AL200.
This spacer is needed if screws are used to secure the cable to the device.
These screws, along with the 6044 grommets, are commonly used together to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
These grommets are commonly used with the 505 screws to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
27555 USB 2.0 Cable, Type A Male to Micro B Male, 6/6.5 ft
The 27555 is a USB Type A to Micro B, male-to-male cable, 6 to 6.5 ft long. It connects devices using the Micro B interface to a USB port on a computer.