LOGAN, Utah – Campbell Scientific’s CR3000 Micrologger® builds on the company’s reputation for rugged, reliable, and low power measurement and control instrumentation. It retains the versatility of its predecessor, the CR23X Micrologger®, yet provides increased memory, faster processing, and more measurement channels. The CR3000 uses state-of-the-art digital technology while retaining the fine analog measurement capability associated with Campbell Scientific instrumentation. A CR3000 Micrologger is designed to provide editing capabilities with an internal CPU that is accessible via the on-board keyboard and LCD. When deployed in an environmental enclosure, the CR3000 will withstand extreme climate and weather conditions to collect research-grade environmental data. The CR3000 provides the flexibility to measure most commercial sensors, uses minimal power, and offers many options for data telemetry. Applications include eddy-covariance systems (micrometeorology), mesonets, air and water quality, and structural monitoring.

Campbell Scientific, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products. Campbell Scientific’s mission is to satisfy the instrumentation needs of their customers by providing versatile and reliable products that can withstand harsh, remote environments. To learn more about Campbell Scientific, Inc., or to ask questions of the company’s highly trained technical and sales support team, please visit www.campbellsci.com.au.

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