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Storing wind direction of the max sample and more.

WX4GPS Jan 15, 2020 08:38 PM

I am working on a video that I will eventually post on how to do the most common wind parameters one may want to configure their weather station to do and I need some help myself.

If someone is wanting their program at midnight to store the following:

Peak 3 second wind speed and the direction and time (I know how to get it to store the max speed, but how do I get it to store or grab the associated wind direction when this scan occurred..)

Maximum 2 minute sustained wind speed and direction and time ( i am thinking this is going to require an additional table that only stores records every minute of the average wind and store only two records and a data table and a variable that will average these two consecutives minutes and the table will log the maximum with the time sytex appended...  but I dont know how to write that in code..

Also is there a way to record a windrun total for the day as well in miles at midnight.  You can create any variables for each in the modified file, Ill be able to identify I believe what lines are doing what feature and explain that in the video I make.

'CR1000X Series
'Created by Short Cut (4.0)'Declare Variables and Units
Public WS_mph
Public WindDir
Units WS_mph=miles/hour
Units WindDir=degrees'Define Data Tables
EndTable'Main Program
 'Main Scan
  'Default CR1000X Datalogger Battery Voltage measurement 'BattV'
  'Default CR1000X Datalogger Wiring Panel Temperature measurement 'PTemp_C'
  '05103 Wind Speed & Direction Sensor measurements 'WS_mph' and 'WindDir'
  If WindDir>=355 Or WindDir<0 Then WindDir=0
  'Call Data Tables and Store Data
  CallTable Table2

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