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change sample interval depending on a rain event

uta Feb 21, 2019 01:49 AM


I like to logg data from a SDI-12 multiparameter sonde (water) with different sample intervall depending on a rain event.

Slow logging in dry condition, fast logging for a period of time after a rain event with a certain threshold has happened. I can not logg fast all the time because I need to save power.

I tried to treat the rain measurement in the main scan and put the SDI-12 sonde in a slow sequence, but realised that it is not possible to have a variable as interval in the Scan-statement.

To call a SlowSequence in a If statement is not possible either.

SubScan seems not to work because that has to be faster-going than the main Scan.

Any ideas how to solve this problem? I can imagine that it is a common task to sample rain-events.

Thanks for your help

StuRobinson Feb 23, 2019 06:56 PM

Just a suggestion …

Create two tables, one for 1 hour scans and another for 1 minute. Call the 1-minute table from an IF statement when its raining. I am not sure if this even doable but tis worth a try.

uta Mar 5, 2019 07:17 AM

No ideas? I really would appreciate help.

I see there is a post from StuRobinson - under review - is this ongoing?

uta Mar 6, 2019 12:59 AM

I tried using to tables, and actually I want the data in to different tabels. But I did not manage to get everything functioning as desired.

I will give it some more hours of testing but still appreciate your solutions.

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