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21x connection issue to PC200W Software

nwinkle Jan 2, 2019 08:28 AM

I am working on connecting a 21x datalogger to the PC200W v4.5 software. The settings I have set up in the software are the Baud Rate is set to 9600, Security Code is 0, and the Extra Response Time is 0s. While I am trying to connect to the datalogger an error message pops up saying "The attempt to communicate with 21x failed, but a classic datalogger (CR7x, 21x, CR10x, CR500, CR510, or CR23x) was found." Trying to connect to the logger again an error message pops up stating "Falure:1/2/2019 06:59:557, Classic: CmdClockSet. The datalogger reads "LOG" while trying to connect.

Any advice getting the logger connected will be helpful, Thanks.

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