Measurement and Control Products for WEATHER Measurement and Control Products for WATER Measurement and Control Products for ENERGY Measurement and Control Products for MACHINES Measurement and Control Products for STRUCTURES Measurement and Control Products for EARTH
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014A Wind Speed Sensor
024A Met One Wind Direction Sensor
03002 Wind Sentry Set and 03101 Wind Sentry Anemometer
034B Wind Set
05103, 05103-45, 05106, and 05305 Wind Monitors
05108 R.M. Young Wind Monitor
06201 R.M. Young Wind Tracker
06206 R.M. Young Wind Tracker
0871LH1 Freezing Rain Sensor
09101 & 09106 R.M. Young Wind Monitor
105E Type E Thermocouple Burial Probe
107 and 108 Temperature Probes
109SS Temperature Probe for Harsh Environments
109 Temperature Probe for CR200(X)-Series Dataloggers
110PV Surface Mount Thermistor
229 Water Matric Potential Sensor & CE4/CE8 Current Excitation Modules
237 Leaf Wetness Sensing Grid
253 and 257 Soil Matric Potential Blocks
255-100 Novalynx Analog Output Evaporation Gauge
27106T Vertical Propeller Anemometer
43347 RTD Temperature Probe & 43502 Aspirated Radiation Shield
4731 Specifications (from Mean Well)
52202 Electrically Heated Rain and Snow Gage
85000 and 85004 Ultrasonic anemometer
A100LK Class 1 Anemometer
Air Temperature & Relative Humidity Probes
AL200 ALERT2 Encoder, Modulator, and Sensor Interface
AM16/32B Relay Multiplexer
AM25T 25-Channel Solid State Multiplexer
Ambient Monitoring Sensors for Air Quality Applications
AP200 CO2/H2O Atmospheric Profile System
Archer-OBS Handheld Field PC for the OBS-3A System
Archer-PCon Rugged Field Data Collection Package
ASPTC Aspirated Thermocouple
AVW100 Vibrating Wire Interface
AVW1 and AVW4 Vibrating Wire Interfaces
AVW200-series Two-channel Vibrating Wire Spectrum Analyzer Modules
Barometric Pressure Sensors
BlackGlobe Temperature Sensor for Heat Stress
BMP5 Direct Software Development Kit
BP7 Rechargeable Battery with Mounts
BPALK power supply
Campbell Wireless Sensor Network
CC5MPX and CC5MPXWD High Resolution Digital Network Cameras
CD100 Mountable Display with Keypad
CD294 DataView and CD295 DataView II Display Units
CDM-VW300 Series Dynamic Vibrating-Wire Measurement Modules
CFM100 CompactFlash Module
CH200 Smart Charging Regulator and PS200 Smart Charging Power Supply
CHP1 Instruction Sheet (from Kipp & Zonen)
CHP1 Pyrheliometer
Clients for LoggerNet (Baler, PC-OPC Server, LNDB, and LoggerNetData)
CM106 Instrumentation Tripod and CM106K Tripod Kit
CM110, CM115, and CM120 Light-Weight Instrumentation Tripods
CM300-series Mounting Poles and Pedestal Kits
CM375 Portable 10-Meter Mast for Light-Weight Applications
CMP3 Solar Radiation Sensor
CMP6, CMP11, and CMP21 Kipp & Zonen Solar Radiation Sensors
CNR4 Kipp & Zonen’s Net Radiometer
COM220 56 kbps Phone Modem
COM320 56k Telephone Modem with Voice Synthesizer
COM320 Word List
CPEC200 Closed Path Eddy Covariance Flux System
CR1000 Measurement and Control System
CR1000 Specifications
CR200X-Series Dataloggers / Wireless Sensors
CR200X-Series Specifications
CR3000 Micrologger
CR3000 Specifications
CR6 Datalogger
CR6 Datalogger Specifications
CR800-series Measurement and Control System
CR800-series Specifications
CR9000X and CR9000XC Measurement and Control System
CR9000X(C) Specifications
CR9052IEPE & CR9052DC Anti-Alias Filter & FFT Spectrum Analyzer Modules
CRS451 and CRS456 Water Level and Temperature Recording Sensors
CRVW3 Vibrating-Wire Datalogger
CS100 Barometric Pressure Sensor
CS106 Barometric Pressure Sensor
CS10 and CS15 Electric Current Sensors
CS110 Electric Field Meter
CS11 Current Transformer
CS120A Atmospheric Visibility Sensor
CS125 Present Weather Sensor
CS135 LIDAR Ceilometer
CS205/107, CS506, CS516 10-Hour Fuel Temperature/ Moisture Sensors
CS215 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
CS220 Type E Surface Mount Fast-Response Thermocouple
CS225 Temperature String
CS230 Temperature Profiler
CS300 Silicon Pyranometer
CS410 Shaft Encoder
CS450 and CS455 Submersible Pressure Transducers
CS451 and CS456 Submersible Pressure Transducers
CS470 and CS471 OTT CBS Compact Bubbler Sensors
CS475, CS476, and CS477 Radar Water Level Sensors
CS511 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
CS526 Isolated ISFET pH Probe Brochure
CS547A Conductivity & Temperature Probe
CS616 Water Content Reflectometer
CS625 Water Content Reflectometer for CR200(X)-Series Dataloggers
CS650 and CS655 Soil Water Content Reflectometer
CS705 Snowfall Conversion Adapter
CS725 Snow Water Equivalent Sensor
CSAT3 3-D Sonic Anemometer
CSAT3A 3D Sonic Anemometer
CSAT3B 3D Sonic Anemometer
CSIM11 pH and CSIM11-ORP ORP Sensors
CSP100 Concentrated Solar Power Monitoring System
Datalogger Compatibility
Datalogger Overview
Data Storage and Retrieval Peripherals
DCDC18R Boost Regulator
DMM600 Duff Moisture Meter
DOT600 Roadbed Water Content Meter
EasyAG® Water-Content Probe
EC150 CO2 and H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer with Optional 3D Sonic Anemometer
EC155 CO2 and H2O Closed-Path Gas Analyzer
ENC10/12, ENC12/14, ENC14/16 & ENC16/18 Fiberglass Enclosures
EnviroSCAN Water-Content-Profile Probe
ET107 Evapotranspiration Station
FC100 Fiber Optic Converter
FW05, FW1, and FW3 Type E, Fine Wire Thermocouples
General Mounts
GPS16X-HVS Geographic Position Receiver
GRWS100 General Research-Grade Weather Station
HC2S3H Temperature and RH Sensor
HC2S3 Temperature and RH Sensor
HFP01 and HFP01SC Heat Flux Sensors
HL4 Hydrolab Multiparameter Sonde
HMP155A Vaisala Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
HMP60 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
HS2 HydroSense II Soil Moisture Measurement System
IRGASON Integrated CO2 and H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer and 3D Sonic Anemometer
Kipp and Zonen CMP-Series Pyranometers
Kipp and Zonen Instruction Sheet for CMP-Series Pyranometers
LI190SB Quantum Sensor & LI200X Silicon Pyranometer
LLAC4 Four-Channel, Low-Level AC Conversion Module
LNDB LoggerNet Database Software
LoggerLink Mobile App for iOS and Android
LoggerNet 4.x Datalogger Support Software
LoggerNet-SDK & LoggerNet Server-SDK Software Development Kits
LP02 Solar Radiation Sensor
LR4 Four Channel Latching Relay Module
LW110 Lightning Warning System
LWS Decagon Leaf Wetness Sensor
MD485 RS-485 Multidrop Interface
Military use of ceilometer & Visibility sensor
MP-100 & MP-200 Solar radiation meter
MQ Series Quantum meter
Narrowband RF Networks
NL115 Ethernet Interface & CompactFlash® Module
NL116 Ethernet Interface and CompactFlash Module
NL120 10baseT Ethernet Module
NL121 Ethernet Module
NL200 Network Link Interface
NL201 Network Link Interface
NL201 Network Link Interface
NL240 Wi-Fi Communications Peripheral
NR01 Net Radiometer
NR-LITE2 Net Radiometer
OBS-3+ and OBS300 Turbidity Sensors
OBS-3A Turbidity & Temperature Monitoring System
OBS500 Turbidity Probe with Antifouling
OBS501 Turbidity Probe with Antifouling Features
OBS-5+ High Sediment Concentration Monitor with Pressure Sensor
Optional Sensors for Flux Systems
PC200W Starter Software
PC400 Datalogger Support Software
Pipes and Bell Reducers for Mounting Sensors and Antennas
Power Supply Overview
Precipitation Sensors
PS150 and CH150 Power Supply and Charge Controller
PVS4100-Series Portable, Battery-Operated Samplers
PVS4120-Series Portable, Battery-Operated Samplers
PVS4150C Portable, Battery-Powered Sampler
PVS5120C and PVS5120D
PWS100 Present Weather Sensor
RA100 Remote Strobe and Siren Alarm
RA110 Remote Alarm System
Radiation Shields for Temperature and RH Sensors
RF300-series Radios, RF Modem, Base Station Package
RF401A and RF411A 900 MHz, 250 mW, Spread Spectrum Radios
RF416 and RF432
RF450 Spread Spectrum Radio
RF500B RF Base Station
RF500M RF Modem
RSR100 Rotating Shadowband Radiometer
RTDAQ Real-Time Data Acquisition Software
RTMC (RTMC Development, RTMC Pro, RTMC Run-Time, and CSI Web Server)
SC105 CS I/O to RS-232 DCE Interface
SC115 CS I/O 2G Flash Memory Drive with USB Interface
SC32B Datalogger to RS-232 Interface
SC532A Peripheral to RS-232 Interface
SC932A CS I/O to RS-232 DCE Interface
SC-CPI Datalogger Serial to CPI Interface
SC-USB Datalogger to USB Interface
SDM8X50 8-Channel 50 Ohm Coaxial Multiplexer for TDR Systems
SDM-AO4A Four-Channel Analog-Output Module
SDM-CAN Datalogger-to-CANbus Interface
SDM-CD16AC 16-channel AC/DC Controller
SDM-CD16D 16-Channel Digital Control Port Expansion Module
SDM-CD16S 16-Channel Solid State DC Relay Controller
SDM-CD8S 8-Channel Solid-State DC Controller
SDM-CVO4 4-Channel Current/Voltage Output Module
SDM-INT8 Interval Timer
SDM-IO16 16-Channel I/O Expansion Module
SDM-SIO1 Serial Input/Output Module
SDM-SIO4 Four Channel Serial I/O Interface
SDM-SW8A Switch Closure Module
SDS511 Dual Port Adapter
SHM 30 Snow Depth Sensor
SI-111 (IRR-P) Precision Infrared Radiometer
SMP100 Solar-Module Performance Monitoring System
Software Overview
Soil TDR Probes for TDR100-Based Systems
Soil Volumetric Water Content
Solar1000-SCE Solar Monitoring Station
Solar1000 Solar Monitoring Station
Solar200 Solar Monitoring Station
Solar Energy Sensors and Components
Solar Radiation Sensor Mounts
Solar Radiation Sensors
Spread Spectrum Radios
SP Series Pyranometer
SQ-110 Sun Calibration Quantum Sensor
SR50A Sonic Ranging Sensor
SRM-5A Short Haul RAD® Modems
ST350 Strain Transducer for Structural Testing
SU-100 UV Sensor
Sun Tracker Mounting Towers
SWP100 Small-Wind-Turbine Performance Monitoring System
Synchronous Devices for Measurement (SDMs)
TB4, TB4MM, CS700, and CS700H Tipping Bucket Rain Gages
TDR100 Time-Domain Reflectometer
TE525, TE525WS, and TE525MM Texas Electronics Rain Gages
Telemetry Peripherals
Terminal Input Modules (TIMs)
TGA200A Closed-Path Trace-Gas Analyzer
Time Domain Reflectometry System (TDR100, SDM8X50, CS600-series)
T.Weather T107 TORO Weather Station
UT10 10-foot Instrumentation Tower
UT20 & UT30 Instrumentation Towers
UTILITY-MET100 Utility-Grade Weather Station for SCADA Operations
Vibrating Wire Spectral Analysis Technology
Viewpoint Display Software
VisualWeather Software for Weather Stations
Water Level Sensors
Water Quality Sensors
Water Samplers, Portable and Stationary
Wind Energy Sensors
WindSonic1 and WindSonic4 2-D Ultrasonic Anemometers
Wind Speed and Direction Sensors
WMS100 Wind Monitoring System
WP100 Wind Prospecting System
WXT520 Vaisala Weather Transmitter
ZephIR 300 Lidar System
ZephIR Lidar Wind Speed at Light Speed