Introducing FlowPRO

Campbell Scientific's new FlowPRO system, was designed as a local interface device (LID) for the Water NSW non-urban water metering and floodplain harvesting projects.

In the past systems were capable of interfacing on a 1 to 1 basis with one LID required per flow or storage level meter. Multiple systems, utilising multiple sim cards and data plans were required even if the meters were co-located or connected to an interface such as a MACE Agriflow. The FlowPRO provides a multipoint end-to-end solution allowing you to manage multiple meters, delivering data to multiple endpoints, all on the one system and SIM card.

Benefits of the FlowPRO System

The FlowPRO system has many unique benefits over any other system currently on the market.

  • Increased Flexibility: Multiple digital meters can connect to one LID
  • Reduced Hardware: Save money by purchasing the one system that does it all
  • Improved Uptime: Central power supply and telemetry hardware reduces the failure points in the system.
  • Reduced Costs: In addition to saving on hardware purchase, you also save money on multiple SIM cards and data plans.

Non-Urban Water Metering

As a water licence holder, you must abide by the non-urban metering rules that are legislated in your locality. Australian States and Territories have agreed on a national approach to Non-urban water metering, with requirements for all equipment to meet strict compliance standards. The FlowPRO has undertaken independent testing to meet these requirements.

Floodplain Harvesting

Accurately measure how much water has been extracted from your storages. This becomes especially important when ensuring that water harvesting levels are safe for environment and not in breach of any local by-laws or or state based legislation.

The FlowPRO-Multi is a multi-input, local interface device (LID) designed to meet the requirements of the NSW Non Urban Water metering and Floodplain Harvesting projects. With support for up to 9 connected devices the FlowPRO simplifies the deployment of telemetry for sites with co-located meters.

Supporting Modbus RS485, RS232 and SDI12 devices this compact high–value data logger offers fast communications, low power requirements, built–in USB and a comprehensive onboard configuration interface. The FlowPRO can be configured to collect data from multiple meter types, and measure most hydrological,
meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors.

Important features of our FlowPRO system include: 

  • Fully tested to comply with Water NSW Metering Standards
  • Connects directly to a PC USB port for configuration
  • Supports meters from multiple vendors
  • User configurable meter addresses and configuration
  • Provides simple serial sensor integration and measurement with SDI–12, RS-485, RS–232
  • Supports up to 9 digital meter inputs (SDI12, RS485 Modbus)
  • Single or Multi DAS endpoint configuration
  • Single Sim Card and subscription costs for multiple meters
  • Onboard Solar charge controller
  • 4G CAT1 Cellular Modem built-in
  • Rugged Mil Spec Connectors for sensor connection
  • Cable Cut and Enclosure tamper detection
  • Auxilliary power available on all sensor connections
  • Supports full PakBus networking
  • Includes embedded web page for direct connection via web browser for configuration
  • Replaceable inbuilt 12AH SLA Rechargeable battery
  • Internal fully featured CR300-CELL220 datalogger  


The FlowPRO’s internal CR300 is a low–powered data logger designed to measure sensors, analyse data, and transmit data to the defined endpoint. A battery– backed clock assures accurate timekeeping. The on–board system program consolidates meter data and manages the transmission of records to the DAS Endpoints defined by the DQP during site commissioning.

User configurable sampling and upload frequency allows the DQP to customize the reporting interval to suit the clients use case.

The FlowPRO is available as an enclosure only or full turn-key solution complete with mounting mast, solar panel and a range of high gain external antennas.

How it works

LID Meter interface

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