CS475, CS476 and CS477

The CS475/CS476 and CS477 are radar-based distance sensors that can be used to measure the distance from the sensor face to the target, which can be solids or liquids. These sensors emit short microwave pulses and compute the distance to the target from the time taken for the pulses to be reflected.

The CS475/CS476/CS477 operates from a 12V supply and is interfaced to the data logger by S

DI-12 which allows the current consumption of the sensor to be minimized. This is particularly useful for sites where power consumption is critical. Proper installation of the sensor is vital to achieving successful measurement and all the sensors have a leveling bubble to make sure the sensor is level.



The three models have physically different sizes and measurement footprints. They differ in their measurement range and rated accuracy although they all offer 1mm resolution. Measurement ranges and accuracies are shown in the table below.

Model Range (mm) Accuracy
CS475 50 – 20000 +-5mm
CS476 50 - 30000 +-3mm
CS477 400 – 70000 +-15mm

cs475The CS475                 Right: CS476

cs477 radar water level sensor left:CS477



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