Townsville company to transform food safety measures

Campbell Scientific Australia, a leading environmental data acquisition company in Australia and South East Asia, is giving the food and related service industries the opportunity to trial a new software solution that is set to reform labour intensive temperature monitoring.

The Townsville based company is currently trialling its automated refrigeration monitoring solution called Altoview in a number of local businesses throughout Queensland thanks to $100,000 funding through the State Government’s Ignite Ideas fund.

Altoview is a temperature monitoring solution that uses sensors to record real-time temperature inside refrigerators, sending the data to the cloud where managers can then access through the software to analyse and create reports.

Campbell Scientific Australia General Manager Adam Parsons said the trials have shown just how vital the solution is to reducing food safety risk and saving employee’s time from what is usually a manual paper and pen task.

 “Throughout the trials we have seen the eagerness from businesses who have directly felt the costly impact of fridges not performing properly,” he said.

“Not only can it pose risks for the health of customers, it can quickly become costly due to losing stock and repairing the appliance.

“Let alone the time spent manually checking temperatures, this time can be saved by using the Altoview solution meaning time can be better invested elsewhere the business really needs it.

“Our software has a lot of key features that make it easier for owners and managers to safeguard their stock – from receiving alerts on out-of-range temperatures to easily exporting reports for HACCP requirements.”

McManus Group General Manager Tim Eddiehausen whose local Townsville restaurants Coffee Club and Ribs and Rumps are currently trialling the product, said the solution allows him to visualise everything at a glance.

“What’s great about the Altoview software is the peace of mind that our fridges are being constantly monitored 24 hours a day,” he said.

“Currently our chefs spend a good amount of time each day probing, inspecting and writing down temperatures for all our fridges.

“A time consuming tasks that could be greatly reduced thanks to the automated technology Campbell Scientific are developing.”

Mr Parsons said the Altoview solution has the potential to benefit many industries thanks to the cost effective nature of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon.

 “We look forward to expanding the capabilities of our IoT solution that can help beyond food services, with exciting opportunities in smart software for applications like agriculture and urban rainfall monitoring,” he said.

In Campbell Scientific Australia’s 25th year of doing business in Australia and South East Asia the company is proud to have developed the solution right here in Townsville, Queensland.

Campbell Scientific Australia is the leading provider of environmental data acquisition solutions in Australia and South East Asia for over 25 years. We provide quality and reliable solutions in a variety of applications related to weather, water, energy, gas flux and turbulence, infrastructure, and soil.

For additional information, or media opportunities, contact:

Nikki Hains
Marketing Coordinator, Campbell Scientific Australia
Tel: +61 (0)7 4401 7700
Email: nikki@campbellsci.com.au

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