ENC8/10 Weather-Resistant Enclosure, 8 x 10 inches (203 x 254mm)


The ENC8/10 is a weather-resistant enclosure that is 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall (203 x 254mm). It is the smallest of our standard enclosures, yet it is extra deep with a depth of 6 inches (152mm). This enclosure is suitable for use with CR300-series or CR200X-series data loggers. The ENC8/10 can house one of these dataloggers and a small power supply. Alternatively, this enclosure can be used to mount a communication or measurement peripheral without a data logger.


ENC8/10 shown mounted (additional items sold separately)
ENC8/10 shown mounted (additional items sold separately)
ENC8/10 shown mounted (additional items sold separately)


Inside the Enclosure

The following products will NOT fit inside the ENC8/10: CR3000, 21X, CR23X, CR5000, CR9000X, CR9000, CR7X, 27207, 28517, 31143, SDM-CD16AC, SDM8X50, CFM1, NL116, NL121, BP24, and BP84.

A CR1000 with a device connected to the peripheral port will NOT fit inside the ENC8/10. A CR1000 with a BP7, ALK7, BPALK, PS150, or PS200 will NOT fit inside the ENC8/10. A CR1000 by itself, however, will fit inside the enclosure when it is installed vertically rather than horizontally.

The following products will fit inside the ENC8/10 if they are installed vertically rather than horizontally: CR6, CR800, CR850, CR1000, PS150, PS200, AM25T, AM16/32B, SDM-CAN, SDM-CD16D, SDM-CD16S, SDM-CVO4, SDM-IO16, CDM-A108, CDM-A116, CDM-V300, CDM-V305, LR4, TDR100, and 28532.

The TX321 and HUGHES9502 will fit inside the ENC8/10, and there may be enough room for a small datalogger as well, but there will not be enough room for a power supply/battery as well.

The following products will fit inside the ENC8/10: CR300-series, CR200X-series, ALK7, BP7, BP12, BPALK, A21REL-12, A300, A547, A6REL-12, AL200, AVW200-series, CE4, CE8, CH150, CH200, CM320, COM220, CS100, CS106, CWB100-series, DCDC18R, FC100, HUB-CPI, LLAC4, MD485, NL240, QD1, RAVENXTV, RF310, RF321, RF322, RF323, RF401A, RF407, RF412, RF422, RF451, RF500M, RV50, SC32B, SC932A, SC932C, SC-CPI, SDM-AO4A, SDM-INT8, SDM-SW8A, SDS122, SRM-5A, ST-21, 25458, and 31551.


The ENC8/10 can be mounted to a pipe with a minimum size of 0.5 in. (0.840 OD). The maximum pipe size is 2.0 in. (2.375 OD) or up to a 2.4 in. OD tube.

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